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24/7 Radio Shibui - Japanese Retro Music - City Pop - Idol Pop - Enka - Oldies [シティポップ, 演歌, アイドル]

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Radio Shibui - Your best mix of CityPop, Japanese idol pop, the most refined Enka and best of Japanese Shôwa era music.
(Other Stream Sources available, check out website, click "show more" to see link further down.)
Join us and enjoy the best music from Japan!
From 1960 through 1970 to end of 1980.

Thank you for listening to Radio Shibui Japan, ラジオ渋い日本, Live Music Radio! ????

Radio Shibui Japan plays 昭和時代の音楽, old Japanese music from the Shôwa era, particularly the 60's, 70's and 80's. Styles are mixed but mainly City pop, Enka and Japanese Idol music is played. Many songs we play have gained fame through YouTube, and some are also made popular from contemporary remixes in music-styles like Future Funk and Vaporwave. This radio however only plays the original songs for discovery and promotional purposes, this music can be very hard to come by but some maybe be bought online and others may be bought from second hand CD shops in Japan. Please don't hesitate to bye the music from the artists you come to like, song title, album name and artist is displayed to the right.

► DONATE: Donate if you wish to help me and Shibui to keep it going, remember to mention the donation is for Radio Shibui so we can split. :)

► SUBSCRIBE to tune in when you want, and like the stream to help new ears find this fantastic music.

► KEEP TUNED, VISIT RSJ HOMEPAGE: https://radioshibui.blogspot.com/
There you also find alternative sources of the stream listed on our homepage.

Quality and consistency: Radio Shibui Japan is a team effort, currently hosted on "Gmodism TV" this may however change in the future, so keep tuned on this channel if the RSJ is to be moved to another platform in the future. The intention is to have a 24/7 Radio Live Stream, but especially in the Radio Channels early days this will not be possible as maintenance downtime is required with our current equipment, so have some patience and check back again soon.

The music is streamed with the highest possible quality, when possible we use Hi-Fi files, but the quality is mainly limited by YouTube, however, by eliminating errors on our side the end quality will also be better nevertheless.

The word "Shibui" means old-fashioned or nostalgic in this context, which well describes the feeling among people growing up with this music I have been told.

Live long and prosper!

#CityPop #アイドル #Enka #シティポップ #Japaneseidol #演歌 #Folk

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