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5 easy ways for better guitar tone when playing live or recording

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In this video:
I use stems from a pop song and repurpose the song as something entirely different for fun.
I discuss 5 easy ways to get better guitar tone when going from practicing in your bedroom to playing with a band, or a recording. Often, the tones we get at home don't sound as good, or don't work as well when in the context of other instruments.

1- Rarely is turning the volume up the answer when you can't hear yourself in the mix.

2- Boost mids
-mids knob on amp isn’t the same thing generally, especially tube amps
-put eq after distortion generally

3- Less gain, generally. Unless the song or music calls for higher gain.

4- Right pedal for the mix-you may find that pedals you don’t like the sound of at home sound great in the context of other instruments

5- Too much reverb, delay, modulation, etc unless the song calls for it

COMMENTS: What's YOUR favorite method to get better tone when playing with a band?

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