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How to Make Bedroom Pop: Like SALES

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"you" out on all platforms ✰ ↓↓

i would really appreciate it if you added "you" to a playlist :))

i hope this tutorial helped you out and inspired you to make some music! give me some more artist suggestions in the comments below~!

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bedroom pop is blowing up right now. there are a lot of artists who are making original pop music in their bedroom. some popular bedroom artists could be clairo, rex orange county, cuco, still woozy, gus dapperton, SALES, yeek, monsune. clairo and cuco are probably the two artists that come to my mind when i think of bedroom pop. i love bedroom pop and have been listening to a lot of bedroom pop artist without knowing that they are bedroom pop artists lol. i made this beat on the spot using ableton live. i have been using ableton live for a few years now, it's a great daw to make bedroom pop with! i realized this song is more pop than bedroom pop but hey, i made it in my bedroom :)) let me know what your favorite bedroom pop artist is! comment an artist you want to see me cover next! ✧ ☆

☆ timestamps ☆
00:00 ~ intro
01:06 ~ instruments
11:17 ~ drums
14:57 ~ outro

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