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Pop-Up magazine

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This was my collaboration for the opening titles of Pop-Up Magazine, a magazine performed live. The shows feature never-before seen or heard multimedia stories performed on stage by writers, radio producers, photographers, filmmakers, and musicians. The show happens every year in several cities in the US.

Escaping a room, escaping work/city/nature, escaping a mindset, identity, escaping from your past and future? This project was a journey to explore how to escape in abstract ways. This ride suggests to escape all the time, but at the same time, we are opening the doors to discover something new, out of our comfort zone and learning from that.

Pop-Up Magazine Art Direction: Annie Jen
Music: Magik*Magik Orchestra
Composer: Minna Choi
Design, Animation and Direction: Rafael de Araujo

Created by Pop-Up Magazine

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